Russian language course in Kyiv

Get a Reliable Partner and Learn Russian with Pleasure

Kyiv always welcomes foreigners from all over the world. If you want to see the beauty of the old streets or visit fascinating museums and art galleries, it is possible along with taking a Russian language course in Kyiv at Lev Tolstoy Russian Language Center. The Ukrainian capital is perfect for learning this language. It might sound strange to you, but the better part of the population of Kyiv speaks it. It’s a beautiful and wide-spread language, but it can be tricky for a foreigner, especially all its grammar rules about the cases and genders. We are willing to become your best partner in your learning process. We offer 

• professional teachers;
• reasonable prices;
• the widest variety of courses;
help with accommodation in Kyiv;
• private lessons;
• and many other services.

If you’re still hesitating, you can always read the reviews of our former students. We are proud to say that every customer is treated with respect and understanding. We are aware of the difficulties of learning the foreign language, and we realize the great responsibility we take upon ourselves offering you the Russian language course in Kyiv.

Why Pick Taking a Russian language course in Kyiv at Our Language Center?

The capital is a wonderful and old city. Its population is mostly Russian speaking, so diving into this atmosphere will be very helpful for studying. You will learn famous phrases, sayings, slang words, and other little things about the Russian language. Living among native speakers is the best practice for your communication skills. You will learn how to fight a language barrier in order not to feel lost and confused during a real-life conversation.

There are many interesting things you can do during your stay in Kyiv. All kinds of entertainment are centered here, in the capital of Ukraine. You can go shopping at one of the numerous malls and huge shopping centers. You can spend your time exploring the country’s history in the local museums. You can get to know modern Ukrainian and Russian artists by observing their masterpieces at art galleries. Or you can simply go to the cinema and enjoy a movie dubbed in Russian, which is another great way to improve your language skills!

Our school offers the best courses!

What we offer to every student is undertaking a Russian language course in Kyiv and what we do is catering the course to your personal needs. It doesn’t matter what command of the language you already have or with what purpose you want to learn this foreign language. We develop every program with only one aim – to teach you to speak Russian. And this is what we are going to do. We teach our students all the necessary and helpful things:

    • to understand written texts;
    • to be able to build logical phrases and sentences;
    • to talk and write with minimum to no mistakes;
    • to understand the grammar and apply this knowledge properly;
    • to talk with confidence outside the class;
    • to expand your vocabulary;
    • to be able to use the language both in everyday life and for business purposes;

No matter which course you choose, whether it’s a group program, individual studying, intensive course, or Skype lessons, we promise that you will achieve great results. Just read all the reviews of our former students and see it for yourself. If you trust us to teach you Russian, we won’t let you down!