One of the founders of the Lev Tolstoj Russian Language Center. She is graduated in Methods of teaching Russian As a Foreing language and  teaches for many years in Ukraine and abroad.

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She has been teaching Russian language as a foreign since 2016. Valeria is graduated in Methods of teaching Russian As a Foreing language and in filology of Russian Language and Literature.


She is graduated in foreign languages in the National Linguistic University of Ukraine. She teaches for 3 years in LT Center. She's also fluent in Italian, English and Ukrainian.

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Welcome to Lev Tolstoy russian cultural center: a Russian language school in the center of Kiev. Learn russian language with us! It doesn’t matter if you’re searching russian language courses for academic, business purposes or pleasure. Our school combine excellent teaching methods, competent organization with a reasonable price.

Why Kiev? Kiev is the 3rd largerst russian speaking city in the World and the agreements between Ukraine and EU, US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland ensure a visa free regime for 90 days wich will make your journey easier.
In Kiev you will get all the interesting chances that just a Capital can give like:

• Wide choice of many cultural activities like theaters, galleries, museums, shopping centers and so on
• Communication with native speakers
• Kiev is the heart of ukrainian business, economical and cultural life
•  Low life costs prices if compared with Moscow or Saint Petersburg.
• Easy connections with other cities that you can visit to make your experience unforgettable.

If you are reading this it means you’re considering to study russian. Probably you saw other sites and you are wondering “why should I choose this school”. The answer we can give is that  we have been working into the language teaching business since years with just one goal : our client satisfaction! For this reason we never forget reliability, professionalism and passion for what we do. The feedback that our students gave us is the best  commercial for us.
The first purpose that pushes us to do something new is the passion, the business comes later.  We are always ready to listen our client and to try new challenges. Since we were born, we have been keeping high standards of teaching. We accurately select our professors not just looking to their resumes but motivation and experience! Every professor is valued by students and just teachers who get high score from student’s polls can keep on work with us.
We also designed for you a various number of activities that can help you to practise your russian language in Ukraine.
We believe in communicative method for russian language so all lessons are modern and not boring.  If you want to study russian language or if you have already tried to study it, with us you will speak!
Our study program is flexible and designed for you.

• Duration of the course is from 1 week intensive to 3 months
• All levels from beginner to advanced
 Group, individual , group+individual
• Special courses for different professional needs
• Preparation for all levels of the TORFL exam
• Morning schedule to use better your afternoon in order to study and practice

We are located in the very center of Kiev, close to Kreshatik and Zoloty Vorota metro station.


We are proud of our family atmosphear. During the study vocation in Kiev our students get closer to the culture. 

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