We Can Help You Study Russian in Kyiv

So, you’ve decided to learn Russian and are now thinking of where to start. Of course, you can go for a typical strategy – buy a lot of grammar textbooks, begin watching movies in this language, find an online friend who speaks the language and practice by talking with him or her. But if you want to use your time effectively, studying in the language school is a much better option.

Some good news for you is that you can choose our school to study Russian in Kyiv. The Ukrainian capital has a lot to offer. And so does our language center. We are happy to assist you with the whole language learning process. You can read all the reviews and make sure that you can completely trust our teachers.

Studying has never been easier! Each program is created to meet every customer’s needs, whether they want to learn a business language or acquire conversational fluency. And it doesn’t matter what level of Russian you want to start with – from beginner to advanced, we are happy to be your guides.

Our staff is extremely professional. Every teacher has a strong educational background. We are always thinking about our work ethics and attitude to make sure that none of the students will be disappointed.

Our aim is to make the process enjoyable and informative. We believe that combining fun and useful is an excellent teaching method that can lead to great results. So, you can rest assured that after you’ve chosen to study Russian in Kyiv, our school will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

Pick a Program and Enjoy Your Studies

We offer a wide number of courses, so you can just choose whichever is more suitable for you. You don’t have to worry about fitting the classes into your schedule because we are flexible – we can create a timetable just for you.

Every lesson is given, using different types of creative learning: games, dialogues, discussions, and many other activities. We are sure that learning the language that way will help you save the acquired knowledge for long.

Our goal is to help you understand all the details of the language, whether it’s about grammar rules or difficulties with pronunciation. Our teachers can explain some slang words to you if that is compliant with the purpose you learn Russian for. Plus, understanding native speakers, you will never feel lost in the city.

You can study Russian in Kyiv with pleasure, meet new friends and improve your communication skills. Contact us today, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.