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The Best Place to Study Russian in Kyiv

If you want to learn Russian but have no idea which school to choose and what teachers to trust, we are here to help you make a decision. Learning the language can be complicated sometimes, but our Russian language school in Kyiv welcomes everyone who has a true desire to study. The school is located in the central part of Kyiv, so you will not have problems with getting to your classes. Kyiv is also one of the largest Russian-speaking cities in the country – you will always find a talking buddy to practice what you have learned with us.

Why Should You Choose Our Russian Language School in Kyiv?

Our school is one of the most famous schools in Kyiv. We offer great courses and responsible teachers, who know how to find the right approach to each and every student. Every lesson is given with a friendly attitude, using different teaching methods supported by some visual aids. Another great thing is that we have various programs, which includes business and academic course, lessons aimed to develop conversational fluency, etc. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you too.

What Can You Expect After Choosing Our Language School?

Taking classes at our Russian language school in Kyiv means that you will live in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Ukraine. You will have an opportunity to explore little old streets, historic buildings, magnificent monuments, and a lot more. Spending time with native speakers in and outside the class will obviously be a benefit for you. Besides, you will be able to enjoy Ukrainian cuisine at cozy local cafés and restaurants. And, as a great bonus, living in Kyiv isn’t that expensive.

Which Course Should You Choose?

Our Russian language school in Kyiv is ready to help you with any language level you need. Each course is made up individually, according to the level of language skills that each customer already has and, of course, his or her preferences. You can attend lessons during any part of the day and schedule your timetable in the most convenient way. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to take personal classes or study with a group of other students. You can even go for Skype lessons and learn the language without leaving your room. We invite you now to join the number of our happy clients.

Intensive Russian Language Group Course

Super-intensive Group Course

Individual Lessons

Skype Lessons

Regular Course (2-3 times a week) 


You can read all the testimonials on our website and see what our former students are really satisfied with the knowledge they have acquired with our help. Just take a look at how thankful they are, and you will realize that we can be the best option for you.