Host family

Another great option for students who want to learn Russian is living with the host family. We have a list of families who would be happy to welcome you into their homes for a pretty reasonable price. You will live with Russian-speaking people, within a little distance from our school. This way, you will be able to learn the language even when being at home, in a very friendly and homely atmosphere.

If you decide to live in a Russian speaking family, you will use your time for good. In our center, we do have a list of families ready to host a foreigner for a reasonable price. This for sure will force you to use the language and it will be a perfect daily exercise.

Single room

  • City center - 150 euro/week
  • 20-30 min from school by metro - 100 euro/week

Shared room (2 persons in a room)

  • City center - 80¬†euro/week
  • 20-30 min from school by metro - 50¬†euro/week